Hello everyone, I want to welcome you to my Exercise For Less Stress website. I have been exercising for many years on and off. When I was younger it was more for the fun of it, as I got older exercising was more focused on a purpose.

One of those purposes was to relieve Stress!

Now I want to give back and help others realize the importance of Exercise For Less Stress.

A short story about my stress

In my late twenty’s and early thirty’s I experienced some personal changes in my life that were out of my control. These changes brought me an amount of stress. But I personally did not think I was stressed. Friends and family did notice my change.

So exercising was going to help my stress?

A friend approached me and said to me “you look like you are stressing about something”. I walked away thinking about his comment to me. Then realized, I am working more than I should, I am not getting good sleep, I am easily irritated lately, and not enjoying things I used to enjoy. He later asked me to give him three months of my time, and start exercising with him three times a week for one hour each day. I agreed. Before the three months were up, I was feeling so much better. I started to feel better about myself, my thinking was clear, and my decision-making was much better.

What causes stress

Our modern life is filled with changes and uncertainties that can cause us stress. Some of them are:

  • A hectic life style
  • divorce
  • death of a loved one
  • disasters
  • employment and financial security

That was just to name a few.

Find relief from stress

There is much you can do to find relief from stress. There is no point on stressing on a matter that is out of your control.

How to deal with stress.

To deal with stress effectively, you need to think about your physical health, your goals, and priorities in life.

This website aims to help you deal better with stress and perhaps even reduce it.

To your stress-less days!


Founder of Excersise For Less Stress