Chronic ill Health or Disability can have a huge effect on a person’s life. A once active and happy person, after being physically disabled, can become profoundly depressed, and feel that their confidence, courage and power have been drained. They feel devastated!

The above experience teaches us that none of us has full control over our health Also, we should take rational steps to lower the risk of ill health But what if our health is getting worse? Is that dooming us to unhappiness? Not at all, as we will be seeing. However, allow me to share some principles which promote good health

  • Value Your Body And Your Life As Gifts
  • Be fair In Habits
  • Avoid Polluting Your Body
  • Manage Negative Emotions
  • How About Focusing On Positive Thinking
  • Resilience Building

Value Your Body And Your Life As Gifts

Recognizing this reality helps us to avoid taking unnecessary risks, whether we are working, driving or choosing a leisure time. A momentary joy isn’t worth a lifetime of impairment.

Be Fair In Habits

Generally, overeating or heavy drinking is clearly bad for our health, not to mention our finances! Don’t be among those who drink too much alcohol, among those who gorge themselves on food, for a drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty.

Avoid Polluting Your body

When people chew or smoke tobacco, or misuse alcohol or drugs, they defile their bodies. For example, smoking “leads to illness and disability, and affects almost every organ in the body,” says the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Manage negative Emotions

Your mind and body are intimately bound together. So try avoiding excessive anxiety, unbridled frustration, jealousy, and other negative feelings.

“Let go of anger and give up rage,” We must also: “Never be overly anxious about the next day, because the next day will have its own anxieties.” These are from ancient writers and these words still resonate today.

How About Focusing On Positive Thing

Two famous Proverbs say: “A calm heart gives life to the body,” and “a joyful heart is good medicine.” That is a scientifically sound statement. “If you are happy,” said a doctor in Scotland, “you are likely in the future to have less in the way of physical illness than those who are unhappy.”

Resilience Building

Who has a problem free life? Building resilience can bring about happiness. Resilience helps us to get through tough times, to rebound from adversity.

A popular adage says: “If you become discouraged on days of distress your strength will be meager.”

We may have no choice but to go through a prolonged trial. Now, we can pick how we are going to survive it. Some are overcome by discouragement, which can only make the situation worse.

Others, perhaps after initial feelings of despair, bounce back. They adapt, they find ways to cope, and they focus on trying to see opportunities instead of obstacle.”

Positive Attributes That Promote Happiness

People who are CONTENT are not willing to grumble or complain and such attitude protects them. And they spare themselves excessive anxiety and tension because their needs do not surpass their means.

GENEROUS people are happy because they love making others happy even though their time and energy are all they can offer. Often they receive in abundance what no money can buy, like; love, affection, and sincere friends who kindly give in exchange.

THE BOOK THE POWER of RESILIENCE STATES that if you want to lead a resilient life, “you must recognize that mistakes and failure are a natural occurrence… Your choice is the manner in which you respond to these events.”

Health And Happiness

Health and happiness are something many people long for. These happen to be two of the most important human desires.

Important to know that health and healing depends a lot on our own behavior.

Abraham Lincoln once commented: “people

are about as happy as they make their mind to be.

A major part of happiness is very close related to having good health.  However, good health does not necessary guarantee happiness.

There are many healthy people who are not happy.

So can we enjoy a measure of health and happiness?

Yes, as it has been pointed out, if you protect yourselves from problems resulting from smoking, over drinking, and drug abuse. You then will experience the benefits of a calmer life and better relations with others.

Certainly it is wise to try to take care of your health in a balance way. It is also helpful to be realistic.

That involves recognizing that sickness is sometimes unavoidable. This may require further effort to maintain a positive outlook.

To a reasonable degree health and happiness are in your control.


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