Goals-Are-Not-DreamsIf you want to make the needed changes in your life, whether it is to eat better, start exercising, communicate more with friends and family or even remodel your house, make more money, and I can go on and on.

To accomplish all or any of the above successfully, something is needed. A Goal!

What It Means

There’s more to a goal than a dream. Something you would like to happen. Real goals include planning, flexibility, and good old-fashioned hard work.

A goal may be short range, taking days or weeks to happen. Average range, months in duration. Long range up to a year or more. Long-range goals can be achieved through a number of intermediate goals.

Why It Matters

When you reach a goal it will boost your confidence. What happens next is now you start to gain confidence to take on bigger goals.

You also able to face the day to day challenges with more confidence.

When you set and then reach your goal, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Like minded people would enjoy being around you. Yes, people like surrounding themselves with those who are reasonably goal oriented, that is those who know what they want and are willing to work for it.

Plan-your-Goals  What Should You Do.

Take needed steps to reach your goal(s).

If you have more than one goal that you want to reach, make a list of the potential goals, and prioritize them, choosing the ones you want to work on first, second, third, and so forth.

Now it is important that you set a realistic deadline, plan your steps and anticipate some obstacles, and think of how to overcome them.

You do not need to have every detail worked out before you can get started.

A popular Proverb said: “The plan of the diligent surely lead to success.”

An important factor is what is before your eyes, this refers to what is your present circumstances and realities.

The Point! Do not pursue unrealistic goals.